FV G1691A (FV Leiden)

Factor V G1691A (FV Leiden) is present almost exclusively in Caucasian, with a prevalence of 5% in general european population and with higher values (10-15%) in middle east populations. Heterozygous subject for Leiden FV present an increase of thrombotic risk factor, mostly venous (4-8 fold increase compared to subjects which do not have the allelic variant), while homozygous subjects have a more higher thrombotic risk factor (about 80 fold higher than normal).
Most of heterozigous and homozigous patients develop a venous thrombosis, with or without pulmonary thromboembolism, almost exclusively in presence of environmental risk factors, such as oral contraceptive assumption, during estroprogestinic therapies, during pregnancy or puerperium, in case of surgery or fracture, in association with other prothrombolitic pathologies (LES, neplasia, ATIII or Protein C or Protein S deficit) or other predisposing genetic variants (FII 20210A mutation, MTHFR 677T mutation).
Mutazional test is indicated in for alla patients who had venous thromboembolism events, especially for the younger (age < 50 anni) with unusual thrombosis site (hepatic, mesenteric or cerebral), or for those who present recurrent thrombotic events. It’s also indicated for all women who had complications during pregnancy such as miscarriage, pre-eclampsia, fetal growth restriction, placental abruption, and for those who have a positive family history and have to assume oral contraceptive, follow estroprogestinic therapies or are pregnant. This test is indicated also for asymptomatic subjects who have a first grade relative bearing the mutation.

The kit is available in sizes from 24, 48 or 72 reactions.

Screening test for: Genetic Thrombofilia

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