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Real Gene srl It is a young biotech company that was founded proceeding from a strong distribution experience of diagnostic products for the laboratory. It comes on the market with innovative and high-tech products, putting them at the service of all those categories of operators - researchers, biologists, physicians, chemists, pharmacists - who have decided to take care of human genetic variation.

The common thread of all the kits produced by Real Gene srl are indeed the SNPs (read snips), the "single nucletide polymorphisms" responsible for greater inter-individual variability, and thus the genetic predisposition to common diseases or so-called complex phenotype (heart attack, stroke, diabetes, ipetensione, cancers, autoimmune diseases, etc.).

The company operates in a certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2016 laboratory facility and is able to provide not only the products offered in the catalog and diagnostic service and / or advice.

bia2Real Gene S.r.l. is a young biotech company that comes from a strong experience of distribution of diagnostic products for the laboratory... Read More

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