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Real Gene S.r.l. proposes a highly topical and interesting catalog in 2024. The proposed kits concern SNPs in use in the fields of predictive medicine, pharmacogenetics and nutrigenetics.
The Real Gene assays of the SNiP line are designed for use in real-time PCR with TaqMan® methodology; they work in "allelic discrimination" mode and use MGB probes conjugated with the FAM™ and VIC™ fluorochromes. The design of the assays is such as to allow the use of a single common amplification protocol, with the advantage of being able to perform different assays in the same work session, optimizing response times.
SNiP assays are extremely simple to perform; the reagents are supplied ready for use and are accompanied by a very simplified method sheet.

Each assay is available in the standard format of 24 reactions in total (including controls to be added to each run).

Real Gene assays are tested on various instruments and are all CE-IVD certified (with the exception of the GenoScrapie Plus kit for veterinary use).



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