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Real Gene S.r.l. offers in 2018 a catalog of great interest and importance. The kit list refers to SNPs in use in the scope of predictive medicine, pharmacogenetics and nutrigenetics, easily identifiable by following the color coding. Two new pharmacogenetic polymorphisms enter the catalog: VKORC1 G3730A (warfarin) with the code RG056, and CYP3A5 * 3 (tacrolimus), with the code RG103.
The GenoScrapie Plus veterinary kit has been updated to version 2.0. The new issue confirms the search for the rare K allele at codon 171, while the SNP for the search for atypical scrapie, L141F, is no longer mandatory if screening of the K allele is assured. The automatic determination software has also been updated. of the genotype and the corresponding National Scrapie Plan (NSP) category, which takes into account the reassortment of alleles in the oligomix to codon 171 (now they are R171Q and K171H) and passes to revision 2.0.
The essays Real Gene are tested on various instruments and are all CE-IVD certified (except veterinary kits GenoScrapie Plus).

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