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Real Gene S.r.l. is a young biotech company that comes from a strong experience of…
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Real Gene S.r.l. offers the products line SNiP - Single Nucleotide Polymorphism, kits for genetic analysis of single nucleotide polymorphisms through PCR real-time (TaqMan® methodology). Essays are currently available for the study di polimorphisms associated to genetic thrombophilia, hereditary hemochromatosis, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, hypertension and diabetic nephropathy. In addition, a test for veterinary use for genotyping of polymorphisms in predisposition to scrapie sheep..realgrebe

Are also being developed other new essays. To find out more, browse the pages of our catalog and download the information sheets of interest to you. The sheets are available in in italian and english language both. The catalog is being extended since they are in the process of inserting new products. We will keep you updated on this page.  



bia2Real Gene S.r.l. is a young biotech company that comes from a strong experience of distribution of diagnostic products for the laboratory.

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