COSMIC Digital. The new Real Gene products line for the analysis of tumor somatic mutations in Digital PCR.

KRAS LINE (codons 12 and 13)

Real Gene presents the new line of COSMIC DIGITAL kits designed for the analysis of tumor somatic mutations employing the Digital PCR methodology. Digital PCR (dPCR) is a state-of-the-art molecular biology technique that can perform precise and accurate measurements without the need for a calibration curve or reference genes, thus reducing time and cost of analysis. The basic principle is to perform absolute quantification of target DNA in a sample using limiting dilutions, target DNA amplification and analysis of results using software developed by ThermoFisher Scientific to ensure accurate DNA target quantification.
The kits have been developed to operate on QuantStudio 3D Digital PCR System platform (ThermoFisher Scientific), using the system called “chamber digital PCR” (cdPCR), based on microfluidic micro-fluid targeting particle chips; the system can provide in extremely fast times the absolute quantification expressed as the number of target copies in the sample.

The kits currently in the catalog are aimed at searching for KRAS gene somatic mutations and are all CE-IVD certificates. They are available in the 24-reaction format, which includes all the reagents needed to perform PCR reactions, including controls, also provided and ready for use:

- KRAS G12A - COSMIC 522  (RG-522)
- KRAS G12C - COSMIC 516  (RG-516)
- KRAS G12D - COSMIC 521  (RG-521)
- KRAS G12R - COSMIC 518  (RG-518)
- KRAS G12S - COSMIC 517  (RG-517)
- KRAS G12V - COSMIC 520  (RG-520)
- KRAS G13D - COSMIC 532  (RG-532)

Other kits are under construction and will be added to the catalog just available, including the EGFR T790M-6240 kit (RG-6240), useful as biomarker for predicting recurrences in patients with non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC ) already treated with tyrosinchinase inhibitors (TKls).


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